Belfast Students Learn About College, Careers 

Catherine Pegram

Some high school students in Belfast are getting a glimpse into the future.Belfast Area High School is hosting a workshop for college and career opportunities. Representatives from a number of colleges, universities and private schools are visiting with students this week.They’ll also stop by other high schools in the area and along the coast, all the way to Bar Harbor. As part of the workshop in Belfast today, folks from the community shared their experiences in the working world, giving students a chance to learn about various jobs.Guidance Director Jim Davis says, “The goal would be for students to really make those connections. What I’m doing in high school is preparing me for something down the road, be it college, which might prepare them for a career or for a specific trade.”Students also learned a little about working in television news. TV5’s Tom Round gave them an idea of what it takes to make it as a videojournalist.