Newport Schools Tighten Safety 

When news of a manhunt in Newport was first being reported the reaction from those in charge at RSU 19 was as you might expect. Arnold Shorey is the Assistant Superintendent there. “Disbelief,” says Shorey, “then we saw the airplane and helicopter and the swat team and the troopers, it just brought that eery reality that you often see on tv but you don’t think it’s gonna happen in your community.”That shock quickly faded away and after talking with state police the schools wasted little time ensuring students safety. “We started immediately, we enacted our crisis plan, we communicated with the necessary schools,” he says, “from then we took steps, inside recess for the students, like I said procedures for our crisis plan are being followed, all exterior doors locked.”Students are also not being allowed outside the schools without adult supervision. Jim Ivory is a Newport resident who has a child in the Newport Elementary school. “It makes me nervous because I have small children,” says Ivory, “you know personally myself it really doesn’t bother me too much, where as I have a wife and small children it scared me for them, but like I said I know the Newport Police Department is a wonderful force that gives me a little bit of piece of mind.”The people in charge at these schools say the crisis plan will stay in effect, “till he’s caught,” says Shorey, “when he’s apprehended than we’ll return to normal status but the school is acting normally, education is going on and it’s not being disrupted people are not in a panic mode but certainly alert mode.”