Workshop for Businesses to Make Emergency Plans 

Is your business prepared for a flu outbreak?The Eastern Maine Development Corportation is doing their part to make sure businesses in this region are fully equipped to handle such a situation.Mike Aube, President of EMDC, says it’s important for folks to determine essential functions and roles within their business and have a back-up plan if key people are absent.Aube also says it’s crucial to have communications strategies on how to get information out to both employees and customers.He says one of the biggest problems is many businesses don’t think something like a flu outbreak will happen to them and don’t have any type of plan.” But we’ve really got to think about it in a comprehensive way because we’re so inter-connected with the entire supply chain with businesses that provide other services and we just need to make sure businesses think about those challenging questions and have at least a plan to execute if need be.”Those who attended the workshop were able to work on developing a plan for their business.