Barrett Steps Down As Bangor City Manager 

Bangor’s City Manager has decided to step down after 22 years on the job. “In terms of my overall plans this might have come a little early but I think it came out of the discussions of the council,” says Ed Barrett. Barrett’s announcement drew a crowd to the City Council chambers in Bangor Tuesday afternoon. “There have been some discussions going on with individual members of the council all over the last week or so and during those discussions the concept of my retiring came up,” he says. The city council says they’ve decided to head in a new direction, with a new vision. Bangor Mayor Gerry Palmer was on hand to talk about that vision. “I think the new vision is we’d like to see more for the downtown, more for the waterfront,” says Palmer, “we’d like to see a quicker timetable for the arena which is very critical to our future development and expansion.”Barrett says he’s enjoyed his time as the city manager in Bangor. “One of the things that’s nice about being in local government is that you live, work, drive around in,” says Barrett, “everything you do is in the town that you’re serving so there’s virtually no place I can go in town where I don’t see something that I’ve been involved in.” Now the search is on for Barret’s replacement. “It’s gonna be a tough act to follow, at best it’s probably gonna take 10 months to a year to get someone seated in the position,” says Palmer, “we’ll cast a very wide net and use probably a professional search firm to find us the candidate that we need to find.”