Bangor Gas Expands Service 

The Folks at Bangor Gas have been hard at work expanding their service now that more people are making the switch to natural gas. A spokesman for Bangor Gas says they’ve installed nearly five miles of pipe this summer. He says they’ve hooked up nearly four hundred new customers this year alone and they’re now working to extend the lines out Hammond Street in Bangor.Jonathan Kunz, Manager of Marketing and Sales says, “A lot of it has to do with the prices. We’ve been stable with natural gas pricing being one dollar to a dollar fifty under the price of oil, but I think more people are starting to consider the fact that our wealth is going to foreign countries that don’t like us, so a domestic product like natural gas starts to make them think more about connecting to it.”Last year they had eight hundred requests for service and hooked up five hundred. The people at Bangor Gas say they’re booked solid with requests until December, and expect to get even busier as the weather gets colder.