Baldacci In Bangor For No on 1 Campaign 

With election day just a week away Governor Baldacci was in Bangor today urging Mainers to vote No on Question 1. The Governor joined local families, lawmakers and volunteers at the home of Bangor resident Sally Dobres.The Governor said he opposed gay marriage in the past while supporting civil unions. He has since changed his mind saying opposing gay marriage is discriminatory. “That actually embedded in state statutes are references to marriage benefits separate and apart from what the church does so that you could create civil unions and also have marriage,” says Governor Baldacci, “but they wouldn’t be equal under the constitution so we would be creating our own discrimination and I couldn’t allow that to happen with the oath I took and the constitution to make sure it was upheld.”Reverand Bob Emrich, from Yes on 1, say it’s not discriminatory, he claims the law itself is confusing. “Anyone listening to that statement will see there is a lot of confusion still about this issue and about the law,” says Emrich, “the fact that the Governor flip-flopped back and forth from being opposed to it to being in favor of it demonstrates the law is still poorly written it’s too experimental and that Maine should vote Yes on 1”