H1N1 Vaccine Arrives In Bangor 

One day after President Obama declared the H1N1 outbreak a national emergency, Bangor city officials have announced they will be offering the H1N1 vaccine to children. City officials have been hard at work trying to get their hands on the H1N1 flu vaccine says Health and Community Services Director Shawn Yardley. “Well we’ve been getting some vaccine over the last week and a half, we got some H1N1 in small supply but not enough to do clinics.”That was until friday when their prayers were answered. “Friday we had a large supply of seasonal and H1N1 come,” says Yardley, “so we decided at that point in time we were ready to go and we moved pretty fast so we contacted the superintendents and principals, we had a conference call at 3:00 and we reached an agreement that sooner was better.”The clinics will be for schoolage children from Bangor, Brewer, Hermon, Hampden, and Orono schools and the towns that feed those schools. The Bangor Civic Center will be the site on Wednesday October 28th from 8:00 am-9:00 pm and the same times on November 4th.For parents wondering about students from other areas Yardley says to contact your school and find out when they are planning on offering the vaccine. For school principals this is the news they’ve been waiting for. Marcia Diamond is the principal of the All Saints Catholic School in Bangor. “We’ve been making plans since the middle of the summer when there was this concern about seasonal flu and H1N1 coming this way,” she says, “and already postponed one clinic that was planned for earlier in september and now we’re just very excited that this is becoming available for our students.”Yardley wants to reassure people that this vaccine is safe and very necessary. “So it is safe and it’s highly reccommended children are the most at risk of having serious complications and of contracting H1N1 luckily the vast majority have relatively mild symptoms but there are children dying around the country from being exposed, from contracting h1n1 so it is very serious we certainly are advising all children to have the vaccine.”Diamond says an H1N1 outbreak could have a devastating effect on the economy of the area. “But then there is the other side of things where if children are home sick that means parents have to stay home too and that could really effect the infrastructure of all of what’s happening in the bangor area, when i think of my school population alone i have students whose parents are bangor police officers, state police officers, nurses, doctors, bangor hydro, oil companies, if that infrastructure goes down that’s a concern for all of us.”