UMaine Students Take Part in International Day of Climate Action 

While some Umaine students helped out the community today, others focused on the climate – as part of International Day of Climate Action. The day highlights the number 350 – referring to the goal of reducing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere below 350 parts per million.The Green Campus Initiative in Orono marked the day by trying to collect 350 bags of recyclable materials. They spent the last few weeks passing out bags for people to fill with paper, plastic, aluminum and the like. Everyone turned in their bags today to be recycled on campus. Michael Maberry with The Green Campus Initiative says “Any donation, bottles or anything, will be given to the Green Can Fund, which is a fund that the Green Campus Initiative uses for more programming, any student that has a sustainable idea on campus that wants to implement it.”The Green Campus Initiative is also hosting a Trash-n-Show next month. Folks who participate will be asked to make clothing out of materials such as newspapers or magazines, then show them off on a runway. The Trash-n-Show is set for November 19th at 8 o’clock at Memorial Union.