Salons Work to “Cut Out” Domestic Abuse 

Students at Empire Beauty School in Bangor are putting their scissors to work.As Meghan Hayward tell us, they are working to “cut-out” domestic violence.A five dollar haircut at Empire Beauty School is going a long way.” We’re helping to raise money for domestic abuse awareness.”One-hundred percent of the proceeds from the national day of beauty will go toward “cut it out” salons against domestic abuse.Amy Guiggey is the Admissions Specialist at the school.She says the money will go to Spruce Run and local shelters.Guiggey says the beauty school has a close tie to Spruce Run.” Before this took place today, this week we had Spruce Run here and they were helping to educate our students in this area of domestic violence and to help our students become more aware of signs to look for.”Guiggey says the beauty industry can be very personal and you often have one-on-one time with your clients.Which is why she says it’s important to be educated on the topic.” A lot of times your clients will open up to you while sitting in the chair and we want to be able to be a resource. So when a client is telling you very personal things it’s your job as a stylist to keep that to yourself but also be aware that there are resources out there and places you can refer your clients to, to seek help.”Patricia Ellis came into the beauty school to get a haircut.Ellis says she is happy to know her money is going to a good cause.” Oh it’s wonderful because I think they need all the help they can get to try and put more services out there to try and prevent domestic violence and help those who have already been victims.”Guiggey says it’s fundraisers like this that make her job so rewarding.And this is only one of many events they do to help those affected by domestic abuse.” Also throughout the year we’ll be doing clothing drives and food drives to help the mothers, children and others that may be affected by this.”Spruce Run offers 24-hour hotline services, emergency shelter, transitional housing, support and curriculum groups, and advocacy to victims of intimate partner violence. For more information you can visit their website or call their 24 hour hotline at 1-800-863-9909.