Maine Boy Scouts Celebrate 100 Years 

A special celebration will be held in Brewer this Sunday.On October 25th, 1909, Brewer’s boy scout troop was formed.As Joy Hollowell tells us, this troop has a centennial that isn’t just in maine.”A gentleman by the name of Frederick Oliver is the gentleman that started it,” says Rodney Hanson, Scout Master for Troop One.That was back in October of 1909, at the Brewer Congregational Church. It was a youth group back then, that eventually turned into Boy Scout Troop number One.”To the best of my knowledge, it is the first troop in America,” says Hanson.Scout master Rodney Hanson says 100 years later, this troop still meets in the same church, and still retains the values set forth a century ago.”They’re very upstanding values. Its hard to find that in organizations today,” says Hanson.To celebrate their centennial, Troop One is inviting past members to join them at Camp Roosevelt in Eddington. Don Fendler will also be on hand.”We’ve been working on getting archive books put together so they’ll be available that day. So if someone comes in, or was curious to see if their grandpa was in Troop 1, they can come out and look through the books and all of the names are there,” says Nicole Hanson, Troop One Secretary.Boy scouts both young and old, will enjoy a spaghetti supper, and entertainment from the newly formed Troop One band. Members of the Brewer Congregational church will also be on hand for the celebration.”just the fact that we have the opportunity to be in a troop as it becomes 100 years old is pretty cool for us,” says Mason Duplissiee, a current member of Troop One.Today’s troop one has about a dozen members. The boys recently participated in a Camporee in Frankfort. They say they’re proud of the skills learned in scouts, but more importantly the life lessons gained from them.”A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obdient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and revered.It pays to be clean (laughs)The 100th anniversary celebration of Boy Scout Troop number One kicks off at 4 PM on Sunday.Current and former scouts as well as their families are invited to Camp Roosevelt off Route 46 in Eddington.The event ends at 7 PM.Tickets are five dollars for adults, three dollars for kids under the age of 12.