Old Town Mill Celebrates Milestone 

It’s been a year since the mill in Old Town got a new owner, and things are still looking up. So, the company’s CEO joined the Governor and employees Thursday to celebrate the milestone at Old Town Fuel and Fiber.Lynn Tilton is getting a lot of appreciation from the Old Town community. It’s her company, Patriarch Partners, that bought the mill one year ago.Employee, Jim England remembers a meeting with her last year before the sale. “She was gonna take a chance with us if we took a chance with her.”Tilton asked the employees to take a pay cut temporarily. They agreed to it. After all, they just wanted to get back to work. They had seen so much turmoil over the past years, when the facility had been shut down under former owners, Georgia Pacific and Red Shield.Tilton says she saw something special too. “I saw people who had heart, and basically wanted to go back to work and take care of their families and I felt an obligation to make that happen.” She did, with a promise to raise wages when she could.”True to her word we got our wages back we got the 20% we set aside. We are making some money, actually profitable.” says England.That brings smiles to the faces of a lot of people here, including the governor. This mill, and the nearly 200 employees, pump 10 million dollars into the economy each year.”These are good paying jobs with benefits. So we are really appreciate what they’ve done. So we celebrate this anniversary and we look forward to the future.”Tilton says the mill will continue to make pulp, and with the help of research at the University of Maine, Tilton plans to invest in a new biofuel facility here.That’s a word workers haven’t heard in years, investment. That helps them all rest a little easier, knowing that their jobs are here to stay.