Indian Island Food Pantry in Need of Donations 

A food pantry on Indian Island that has helped out a lot of families is now in a weaker position to do that.The shelves are emptying a lot faster than they’re filling up.Meghan Hayward reports.Fifteen years ago, Rose Scribner had a vision. It led to her opening a food pantry on Indian Island.”The cause is really worth it and I love people. I grew up loving people.”For most of those years, Rose has done all the work herself.Recently, they received a grant from the Sisters of Mercy and two sisters were brought onboard.The grant is based on holistic food for tribal women.”And we saw the food that had been donated and some of it was very good and nutritious. But we also saw that some of it was a little bit too high in sugar. And one of our goals is to combat diabetes with Indian people on Indian Island, particularly with children.”But the food pantry is now faced with a decrease in food donations.”So when they started to come in this week, we asked them to limit the amount of food they could take. If they were 1 to 3 family members, would they just only take 10 items. But they were very grateful for what we could give them and they were fine with the guidelines.”Another issue, the garage that houses the pantry has no heat.”I’m fine for the first two hours. We’re here for four hours. When I get to the last two hours, it’s very cold.”Despite the sometimes difficult working conditions, they say they’re focused on making sure no one on Indian Island goes hungry, sometimes giving out whatever they can find.”All I had that month to give out to families were these big bags of french fries and they would call and they were so happy. It was just like you had handed them a bar of gold.”A sometimes difficult struggle they say is worth it in the end.” It’s just wonderful to see the look on their faces when they walk through the doors and see the shelves and know it’s for them and they know they can take the food and feed their families.”If you’d like to help the food pantry, donations can be sent to Indian Women’s Mission Center, 19 West Street, Indian Island, Maine 04468.If you’d like to contribute food items, you can call Rose Dcribner at 827-0230, to set up a drop-off time.