Halloween: Bringing Scary Back 

Hardy Girls Healthy Women is bringing scary back. Members of the organization hope you’ll join them by running or walking in support of Hardy Girls programming in their Freaky 5K Fun Run & Walk. The event will be held on Saturday, October 24th. Hardy Girls Healthy Women Director Megan Williams says, “Halloween used to be about creative costumes and neighborhood parties, but it’s slowly become about a different kind of consumption than just eating candy. We miss the green-faced witches, bed sheet-covered ghosts, and curly-haired clowns that have been eclipsed by sexy kittens, sparkly princesses, and go-go dancers. These limiting options cramp girls’ perceptions of themselves, stifling their imaginations and creative spirit, and we’ve decided to do something about it.” Freaky 5K Fun Run & WalkLocation: Colby College, Waterville, MEHardy Girls Healthy Women WABI TV5 SCRIPT AS HALLOWEEN CREEPS UP ON US, THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF COSTUMES TO CHOOSE FROM. WHILE THE WITCH AND VAMPIRE ARE POPULAR PICKS FOR KIDS – SOME QUESTION THE MESSAGE THAT IS BEING SENT BY SOME OF THE WOMEN’S COSTUMES.ADRIENNE BENNETT REPORTS.9 YEAR OLD MACY IS HUNTING FOR A HALLOWEEN COSTUME. SHE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT SHE NEEDS TO TRANSFORM HERSELF INTO A ZOOKEEPER.Macy: “I’m going to have a monkey hanging from my side and we’re looking for a walkie talkie.”Adrienne: “Is that part of the fun for you being creative?”Mom: “Yes, very much so and she’s very creative little girl.”BUT, TODAY A QUICK TRIP THROUGH THE HALLOWEEN AISLE IS MORE ABOUT WHAT’S HOT THAN HAUNTING.Megan Williams: “Girls look at adult women costumes and aspire to be that.” MEGAN WILLIAMS AND ALLISON COLE ARE FROM HARDY GIRLS HEALTHY WOMEN.AS PART OF AN ORGANIZATION DEDICATED TO THE HEALTH OF YOUNG GIRLS, THESE WOMEN ARE TRYING TO CURB SEXY AND BRING BACK SCARY.Allison Cole: “It really narrows and limits their options when all the costumes are packaged as sexy witch or sexy diva when really the original roots of Halloween are sort of scary and we’re trying to encourage a return to that.” Megan Williams: “Do something a little different then what they can find on the shelves by being the favorite character in a movie or book or by challenging those gender stereotypes and dressing up like a firefighter or police officer.” BECAUSE WHEN YOU LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD…YOU CAN BE ANYTHING, EVEN A ZOOKEEPER ON ALL HALLOWS EVE.ADRIENNE BENNETT, WABI TV5 NEWS.