Five Cars Stolen in Farmington Area, Authorities Search for Thieves 

Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies are looking for the people who stole five cars overnight from Farmington and Temple, then lead police on two high speed chases. Deputies say they were trying to pull over the driver of one of those stolen cars early this morning on Route 43 near the Farmington-Temple town line.The driver crashed, jumped out of the car and into another stolen vehicle, driven by a second suspect. Authorities continued to follow the pair on Route 43 until they crashed the second car into a Wilton police cruiser.The two then ran off into the woods. All five cars have been recovered. Deputies say the cars also had keys in them before they were stolen, so they’re reminding drivers to take keys out of their vehicles. If you have information that could help authorities in this case, call the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department at 778-9891.