TABOR the Topic Monday 

Question 4, a.k.a. TABOR II continues to be a topic of debate around the state with election day just over two weeks away.On Monday the group supporting the measure hosted three press conferences throughout Maine, including one in Bangor.The keynote speaker was Jonathan Williams, author of the book Rich States Poor States. He spoke out Monday in favor of TABOR II.Williams says Mainers should vote for TABOR this time around since their complaints about government spending have fallen on deaf ears in Augusta.On the other side, folks opposing TABOR say just the opposite has happened. With the governor cutting a half-billion dollars out of the budget already, and proposing more cuts.. “The Tabor that was rejected the last time after that loss at the polls there was a lot of promises from the legislature that we’re gonna get spending under control and we’re gonna reduce taxes and those promises have gone largely unfulfilled.” Williams noted on Monday. “This Tabor question 4 takes a lot of options off the table for any type of reform in the future it locks the budget into a very rigid formula that will lead to a consistent degradation of the quality of services that people are about like education, healthcare, and transportation.”Voters will ultimately decide the outcome of TABOR in November.