Roundtable on Reform 

Across the country today, folks who are in favor of healthcare reform attended “Time to Deliver” events.They were put on by the Organization for America, or the O-F-A, In Maine the events were held Arundel, Rangeley, and Bangor.In Bangor a roundtable discussion was held with healthcare providers to discuss the need for reform. Doctor Richard Evans, President of the Medical Staff at Mayo Regional Hospital in Dover-Foxcroft, says the number of people covered by employer based insurance has dropped from about 70 percent to about 60 percent in recent years.Evans also says, a lack of preventative care, due to insufficient insurance coverage, is leading to more emergency room visits, which results in higher premiums for everyone.”The longer we delay providing insurance to those who are not insured, and mechanisms for those who are under-insured to get better, policy cost are going to continue to go up. So if healthcare reform isn’t passed by the end of the year, we’re just that much further behind the eight ball.” says Evans.Julian Federle, a member of the O-F-A, says the President would like to have healthcare reform passed by the end of the year.