Ellsworth Woman Turns 100 Years Young 

There was a very special birthday celebration today in Ellsworth. Bessie Chute turned 100-years-old. Vicki Billings-Rowell works for the Eastern Area Agency On Aging and knows Bessie well. “She is just a delight, she is just never quiet,” she says, “she loves to tell you about her life and it’s full, it is absolutely full of great new ideas. People think oh I never did this or I never did that, Bessie has probably done it and she can tell you how to do it, she’s just a doll.””I was born in Trenton right beside the big Baptist Church about 100 years ago,” says Chute with her signature chuckle. You would be hard pressed to find someone more beloved here then Bessie Chute. Tuesday, some of her closest friends were on hand to help her celebrate the occasion. “Bessie is as you can see very vibrant,” says Billings-Rowell, “she does her own cleaning, shovels her own steps and up until the last couple of years has had a garden.”So what does Bessie think about her birthday party? “Oh lovely dear, lovely, thank you.” Folks here look in on Bessie from time to time to make sure she’s doing ok. “She scared me one day cause she wouldn’t answer the phone when we were having a snowstorm and I said, ok if she doesn’t answer, I’m gonna call the police to go and do a health check on her and when i called back, she answered and said, oh dear I didn’t want you to slip on the steps so I was cleaning them.”Bessie says her active lifestyle has allowed her to live a long healthy life and she also credits her parents. “My father sang in the Baptist Church choir and that was my childhood, just growing up, I never got mixed in any mess,” she says, “I thought a lot of my father and mother, I never drank and I never smoked cigarettes.”