Acid Bombs in Waterville 

Bottle bombs being set off in Waterville have some residents on edge. In the past week police have received reports of so call “acid bombs” also known as “bottle bombs” blowing up on front lawns. No one has been hurt, but there are concerns someone could be. Gene Abbott lives in Seton Village in Waterville. Last week one of three bombs went off in her neighborhood. Police recovered remnants of the plastic bottles used to make the bombs from yards on Mulberry, Rideout and Wilkes Streets, which aren’t far apart. Police suspect acid was used, but they don’t know what other chemicals were in the bottles. The remains of the containers have been turned over to the state fire marshal’s office for analysis.Police don’t know who’s responsible. Abbott tells us Seton Village management has invited residents to a meeting tomorrow night to talk about the bombs and safety. Police say the bombs are usually made out of one or two liter plastic bottles. If you suspect that one is on your property call 911.