Postcards for the Senator 

The State of Maine is leading the way on clean chemicals and a safe environment for kids.That is why a group showed up at the office of Senator Olympia Snowe in Bangor this morning.They wanted to make sure that Maine was the guideline used for the nation.More than fifteen hundred signed postcards were delivered to Senator Snowe’s office from the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine.Mainers from Presque Isle to Kennebunk had signed the postcards.They were urging for action at the National Level to fix the chemical safety system in this country.And to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act.” There are a lot of safer alternatives to use especially in cleaning products and household products that we use every day and that will reduce disabilities in our children, reduce heartaches for a lot of families, and reduce the amount of money that we are all paying to support these children with disabilities,” said Cindy Seekins of Frankfort.Of the more than 80,000 chemicals in use in this country the EPA has ordered tests on only 200 for health and safety threats according to the numbers from the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine. And of those only 5 chemicals have been restricted or banned.Postcards were also delivered to Senator Snowe and Senator Collins’ offices in Portland.