New Candidate for Governor 

The already crowded field in the race for the Blaine House officially added another name today.During the past four months Les Otten has been holding an exploratory campaign.Otten threw his hat in the ring formally today with announcements in Scarborough, Presque Isle and at Dysarts in Hermon.Otten previously was the owner of Sunday River Ski Resort and was Vice Chairman of the Boston Red Sox.He also was the Chair to the Governor’s Wood to Energy Task Force.For the past 37 years he has been in Business and is bringing that experience to the campaign.Otten knows that Maine is starting in a big financial hole.” In order to plug that gap we’ve got a choice, which is either grow the state, grow revenues and cut spending or increase taxes and we can’t increase taxes the burden is already too high so that we have to increase revenues and we have to cut costs and that’s what this administration will be about. “Otten is running as a Republican and Jobs for Maine is his Campaign Platform.For more information on the newest candidate for Governor you can log on to