IRS Phone Scam 

The Bangor Police Department received three phone calls this weekend from residents who had scammers call their home numbers.The caller said they were from the IRS and the call was to inform them about a pending refund.Further along in the conversations the scammers would ask for personal information from a checking account, or social security numbers.None of the people who contacted Bangor PD gave any of that information out.If you did get a call like this and gave out any sensitive information Bangor PD says you should contact your bank or credit card company.Bangor Police Sergeant Paul Edwards said that it is very difficult to track down the scammers.” Generally when we get these calls we just can’t do much. I’m thinking maybe I’m going to work a few avenues and see if maybe we can come up with some contacts maybe the phone company and see if we can do more about reporting the number at least getting it to stop because just now we did this, that number should be disconnected. There has to be a way, a mechanism for me as law enforcement to call someone the phone company or the feds to say can we block that number from doing any more damage to other people.” All three of the people who received the call had 947 prefix numbers and their numbers are close together.Sergeant Edwards believes a computer generated the calls since they were so close.The numbers on the caller ID were from out of state and one listed a name as Gaylord A-P-A.So if you had a call like that or a message on your answering machine the Bangor Police Department would like to know. You can contact them at 947-7384