Interfaith Rally Held In Bangor Supporting Gay Marriage 

When Governor Baldacci signed the same sex marriage bill in May those who supported it rejoiced but they also knew they would have a fight on their hands. Cindy Leiffer of Orrington supports gay marriage. “We were elated, we felt very proud of Maine, proud of the Governor and the legislature for passing that,” says Leiffer, “we knew there would be opposition and that it would be on the ballot and sort of braced ourselves for the fight that’s going on.”Today a statewide rally was held, called the In-terfaith March. It brought folks together from all denominations in support of gay marriage. Reverand Mark Worth came all the way from Castine to participate. “Well we have more than 200 religious leaders, clergy, rabbis, pastors, across the state who have signed statements saying that they support “no on #1″ that we want to preserve the right of same sex couples to marry and that it’s a good thing,” he says. Rabbi Darah Lerner of Congregation Beth El in Bangor agrees. “I think it really points to the importance of this not just as a civil rights issue but as a spiritual issue,” she says, “an issue of holiness and an issue of committment and an issue of values that religious denominations share like stability of families and the importance of raising kids in a loving committed relationship.”The event had everything from musical entertainment to testimonials from same sex couples. Those here felt that a rally of this size shows how far maine has come in a very short time. “If you had asked me a year and a half ago if we would be where we are right now i wouldn’t have believed it, i am thrilled to see this kind of support for fairness and equality,” said Reverand Worth.The people here also understand and respect the right of the opposition to bring this issue to the voters. “Well we support the idea that we should be able to take issues to the public vote,” says Rabbi Lerner, “that’s an important civil responsibility here in America and that they did this that’s fine but the issue is there’s lots of us who believe that marriage is an important civil right that we should all express and we will all be voting.”This issue will ultimately be decide by the voters in November.