Former Medway Selectman Jailed on Bail Violations 

We now know why a former Medway selectman facing trial on a manslaughter charge, was arrested recently.East Millinocket police tell TV 5 that they received a complaint that 44-year-old James Lee was operating a grader in Medway Friday afternoon, something that is in violation of his bail conditions.When officers arrived, they say Lee wasn’t actually on the machine, but nearby.Police contacted the district attorney, who said there was enough evidence to arrest Lee.He’s now being held without bail at the Penobscot County Jail.Lee is awaiting trial on charges of causing a crash that killed one man and severely injured another in September of 2008 in Monroe.Lee admitted he was speeding and was prepared to enter a guilty plea last month in court, but he withdrew it after learning he would have to serve six years in prison.At that time, the judge allowed Lee to be released on bail until trial.