Fire Fighters Train on Jaws of Life 

Fire crews from at least seven towns converged on K&K Auto Salvage in Palmyra today.At the invitation of the owner.It was a practice session for new fire fighters, as well as a chance for crews to touch base with each other.Today’s training involved removing victims from car crashes.Fire fighters used the Jaws of Life, air bags as well as other speciality tools for stabalization.In addition, the crews learned how to work as a team whey they called to a scene as part of mutual aid.Carmel Fire Chief Michael Azevedo says, “We all need to communicate and play on the same field. So, that’s what today is. We’ve found several bugs with our radios today that we’ve got to iron out. And some issues with command structures. So far, we’ve learned some very valuable lessons.”Today’s training involved mostly volunteer fire fighters.Chief azevedo says many volunteer fire departments have smaller numbers these days, so more departments are being called in for mutual aid when a disaster occurs.