Third-graders in Dover-Foxcroft get New Dictionaries 

Over 60 third-graders from Dover-Foxcroft are now the proud owners of new dictionaries.The Valley Grange in Guilford teamed up with the dictionary project.Which is a nonprofit organization out of South Carolina.The program works to help third-graders become good writers, active readers and creative thinkers.Walter Boomsma is the Program Director at the Valley Grange.Boomsma says they enjoy seeing how excited the kids get over their dictionaries.” We want the kids to learn to love of words. In fact in the label where they write their names it says this book and all the words in it belong to.”” I think I’ll take it home and if I have any words that I don’t know I can take it out and look it up.”>Nearly 2 and-a-half million third-graders nationally received dictionaries through the program last year.