New Modular Building at Acadia Hospital 

A new modular building is helping patients feel more comfortable after treatments at Acadia Hospital.The Electric-Convulsive Therapy provides electrical stimulation to the brain and can help alleviate symptoms of depression and confusion.The ECT is an outpatient treatment, but can cause some disorientation to patients immediately after. The new modular will allow patients to relax after the treatment.Acadia Hospital will be the main provider of the service north of Portland.But Doctor David Proffit, President and CEO of Acadia Hospital says folks are sometimes wary of the treatment because they think of it as a shock treatment.” It got a bad rep primarily from historical misuses of it. It’s a very low stimulant treatment. Which is different than what the 1950s used. It’s done in a much more humane way.”Proffitt expects to be working out of the new treatment center within a week.