New Fire Tool Demo in Hermon 

A new fire tool was tried out for the first time in the state of Maine Friday and it happened in Hermon.Orono Fire Chief Buddy Webb says the Fire Interruption Technology is basically a fire extinguisher in a can.The round piece of equipment is dropped into a house and can cut the flame’s temperature in half and help control the fire for up to ten minutes.The tool has only been on the market for about six months. The cost is a thousand dollars per tool.Crews from several area fire departments were at the demo Friday.Chief Webb says they gave mixed reviews.” It’s actually really cool chemistry. What happens is there’s an agent inside the device that gets activated. And when it’s activated it converts to a potassium salt. Potassium salt is actually really effective at putting out fires. And this one in particular because it’s so small the particles are micron in size they break down really quickly and attack that fire really effectively.””This isn’t designed to replace firemen or fire departments it’s another tool to buy you some time before you get set up with your water supply and get more man power on the scene for smaller departments.”Michael Gardiner is vice president of marketing for ERA Safety.Gardiner says many insurance companies have been reimbursing fire departments for the suppression tool because it limits damage to a home during a fire.