Vaccine Debate Wages On 

In the event of a public health emergency state officials have the power to mandate vaccines. Today, lawmakers voted on a bill that would take away that power, making it illegal to force vaccinations. Member os the legislative council weighed in on more than 350 bills to see which ones would move on to the next session. Representative Doug Thomas of Ripley submitted the bill that would prevent mandatory vaccines. It was defeated six to four. The vote went down party lines with republicans all favoring the measure while democrats killed it.Supporters of the bill, say they won’t give up. An appeal is planned. Members of the Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice say they want to educate the members of the coucil on the need for Mainers to be ale to decline any given vaccine, and encourage members of the public to voice their concerns with forced vaccination. An appeals hearing is expected to take place on November 5, 2009.