Completion of Big Energy Project Celebrated in Brewer 

The completion of a big energy project was celebrated in Brewer Thursday.Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline held a ribbon cutting for their expansion project.The natural gas comes from New Brunswick.The pipeline places Maine as the starting point of the U.S. link to the North America interstate natural gas pipeline.Meghan Hayward reports.”Today we celebrate the completion of the Maritime Northeast pipeline number four expansion project. Brewer is pleased to be the vital site in this important pipeline.”The phase four project has doubled the output of natural gas from the Maritmes to the U.S.”And what’s most important about that is that it brings in new natural gas supplies here in the State of Maine. Offering more diverse reliable sources of supply for consumers here in Maine.”The phase four project consists of five new compressor stations in Maine, including one in Brewer.It also added about two miles of new pipeline looping through Baileyville.Tina Faraca, President of Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline, says the project has been significant to the state, employing 700 people during its construction.”But what’s more significant is the clean burning natural gas fuel that we’re providing to the state of Maine to heat homes, fuel businesses and power electric generation facilities here in Maine.”Governor Baldacci says this is a good day for the state because the project will lead to healthy competition.”Then we’ll in fact have opportunity to attract more businesses and economic development and make sure we have the opportunities for our kids here in the state so we don’t have to see them go elsewhere.”Governor Baldacci says energy is a good bet in this economy.”Like what you’re creating here today and we’re creating throughout the state of Maine will only make Maine that much healthier.”After 4 to 5 years of working on this project, Faraca says she couldn’t be happier to see the completion.”It feels wonderful. A project like this takes years and years of planning, permitting, and construction and now we’re in operation.”