Take this Job and Love it! 

Reporter Adrienne Bennett was sporting an apron and cap as she tried out a new job for the day. She goes to school to learn the intricacies of cafeteria work in tonight’s “Take this Job and Love it!””Alright, perfect.” Donning an apron and hat, whaalaa, I’m ready to become a lunch lady.” It’s 10:30 and students at Mount View are hungry.Enna Moody is one of nine who work in the cafeteria feeding more than one thousand mouths each day. My first task — the sandwich station. “We call this sub Mount View.” “How many students come through here in a day?” “In the sandwich line? About 125 sandwiches per day.” Enna gives me a few tips on how to make the wrap.”Doesn’t make it right, just makes it my way.” And it’s harder than it looks when you’ve got to move fast.Next up – Hot foods.Today’s menu – Pasta salad, Popcorn chicken, asparagus with cheese and sweet potato fries. “Make sure you hit the plate. Haha” “This changes everyday, she makes something different everyday.” “This isn’t like the cafeteria I had when I was in school.” “no when you were in school every just got one dish.” Yeah, they’ve got some choices now.””That is asparagus with cheese on it. No asparagus with cheese this time.”Many of these junior high kids passed up the asparagus and went straight to the pizza, so my next stop was to slice it…Clearly, I’m not the one that does the cooking in my family…Gloria goes through 30 to 60 pizzas a day…(the walk out w/pizza shot)”Show me how you cut this bad boy.” “See that’s how it’s done.”So with all these plates going out…there’s one thing left to do…”The dishes.” “First of all you need gloves. Take dishes from that window and take them to the other side.” Faith has a system.”You have to be quick!” “I’m going, I’m going!”Occasional gum on the plate,”Stickers…”and stickers will slow you down…After rinsing, it’s off to stacking, but you’ve got to have a good eye.”Oh, we got a little spot.” Again, Faith, much faster than me.”I’m not that quick” “You get used to it.””Overall, with everything I did how’d I do? You did perfect, everything was really good.” “yay! Would you hire me?” Yes, Would you hire me?” Well how about you come do my job for a day?” Hahahah no!” But don’t let these ladies fool you, this is a demanding line of work – making me think I’ll stick to reporting for the kids sake. Adrienne Bennett, WABI TV5 News, Thorndike.If you have an idea for our next “Take this Job and Love it” report email us at [email protected]