New State Law Requires Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Homes and Apartments 

A new state law requires carbon monoxide detectors in homes and apartments.As Meghan Hayward tells us, everyone affected sees the law as beneficial.The law is intended to protect Maine residents from carbon monoxide poisoning.It requires carbon monoxide detectors in all apartments, rental homes, new homes and homes that are sold or transferred.”It’s definitely a good thing. Carbon monoxide is a issue. We had a issue last year at some apartments in Brewer and in fact on Monday, we had a carbon monoxide call here in Bangor.”With the Winter months approaching, Jason Johnson of the Bangor Fire Department says there’s even more danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.”Carbon monoxide can be produced anytime anything burns. And where we predominately see it is with gas stoves, gas furnaces and oil furnaces.”Richard Taylor, with the Fire Marshal’s office, says they’ve received several calls from apartment owners and realtors wondering what types of detectors can be used.”Either plugged in device, which will go right into a wall outlet, or can be hard-wired, which means wired right into the building’s electrical system. But it also has to be battery backed up.”Taylor says while folks have had many questions, no one seems to be opposed to the new law.”Most people think it was a good idea generally that something needed to be done to address carbon monoxide poisoning in the state of Maine.”Earl Black, President of Town and Country Realtors, says he’s been advising buyers on the new law.”So I don’t think it’s a bad law. I think that anytime you can protect people or people can help protect themselves by simply plugging in a carbon monoxide detector, I think that’s fine.”Fire departments have several options to make sure detectors have been installed.”When an apartment first opens, we go in then. A lot of it we do random checks. The final thing is if we have complaints, we go in and do inspections then.”Johnson says detectors usually run 20 to 60 dollars, which can add up quickly when dealing with an apartment complex.But johnson says it can save your life.”To be quite honest this is a good time to buy them because this is fire prevention month and as a result a lot of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are on sale.”