New Parking Ordinance Drafted for Ellsworth 

The Ellsworth city planning office has drafted a new parking ordinance.Previously the city had required parking lots to be built to satisfy the highest peak traffic flow times.But City Planner Michele Gagnon says those spaces are rarely full.And Gagnon says those requirements have led to acres of pavement, storm water issues and underutilized land.Gagnon says the new ordinance will also ease the existing downtown parking requirements.A big change is that property owners on Main street, lower Water street and lower State street will be able to change the use of an existing building without having to add parking spaces.” We’re going to have parking that meets the uses. So it should be parking not at its peak periods but average uses.”Gagnon says the new ordinance is pro developer and pro environment.Residents can view the new ordinance at City Hall or online at