Lawmaker Looks to Ban Vaccine Mandates 

In an effort to make sure you decide whether or not you or your children get a flu shot, state representative Doug Thomas has introduced a bill that would forbid mandatory vaccinations.Maine’s top health official Dr. Dora Anne Mills says she’s surprised by the bill adding that there is no current statute in Maine requiring mandatory vaccines, therefore she says there’s no reason to codify the law. Currently, students are required to have four vaccines including chicken pox and polio shots before entering school, however, there are so called “opt outs”, in which parents are able to decide to not vaccinate. Rep. Thomas is standing behind his bill saying, “I believe that opens the door for some other bureaucrat to single out another segment of society to say you must be vaccinated and I’ll tell you what, if some bureaucrat tells me I have to get vaccinated against my will we’re going to have a fight. I’d like to prevent that fight.”On Thursday, October 15, the legislative council will take up the bill and decide whether or not to kill the bill or allow it to be given serioius consideration by lawmakers. 10:00 am – LEGISLATIVE COUNCILRoom 334, State House, Augusta