Downtown Ellsworth Looking for Ways to Continue Being Viable 

As the holiday season approaches, businesses in downtown Ellsworth are teaming up with the city and the Chamber of Commerce to look at new ways to increase sales.Meghan hayward has the story.”They are a viable and wonderful downtown and we want it to continue.”Businesses, the city of Ellsworth and the Chamber of Commerce are looking at new approaches to ensure its vitality.”Find different ways to market downtown because it has so much to offer. I mean in the last 12 to 14 years, it has been totally renovated, the infrastructure.”Several retail stores have been in downtown Ellsworth for many years and they’re proud of that.”I think it’s great being in the heart of the city and downtown. Having a locally owned business, it seems to be a good fit.””I think it’s probably the heart and soul of traditional downtown Ellsworth where people come.”Micki Sumpter, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, says continued success is going to involve looking at the bigger picture.”Everything compliments one another, that’s our goal. We want to balance it and make sure everything compliments one another.”Denise Hue is the co-owner of Pyramid Studios. She thinks coming up with different strategies can only benefit downtown.”Anything that increases interest through marketing will have a benefit on businesses. Particularly retail coming into the Christmas season.”Leslie Harlow operates The Maine Grind. She says they’ve already put some new plans into motion.”The bottom line is we’ve had to look at our customer base and the reality of the downturn of the economics look at ourselves and say what can we do to vamp up business?”Sumpter says if businesses continue operating like they have and work with marketing strategies, the future of downtown Ellsworth will be bright.”That it continues to be as viable or even better than it is now.”