Bangor Public Library Feeling The Economic Pinch 

The Bangor Public Library has become the latest victim of the tough economy. The library has been a fixture here in Bangor for over 100 years. Babara McDade is the Dierector at the library and she knows what this institution means to the community. “Bangor really, really is a reading community,” says McDade, “we’re just always amazed how many people have library cards and what our circulation is for a town that has 33,000 people, our circulation is over half-a-million per year so it’s just amazing.”The sagging economy is now forcing the people here to make some tough decisions. “The City Council couldn’t fund the library at the rate we needed to keep the library open so the library board said we could take 6 furlow days this fiscal year,” she says, “we’ve already taken two, those were in August, we have four more, and those will fall the week before Christmas.” In additon to the furlow days the library is counting on the generosity of their card holders to help them weather the storm. “We do rely on our annual fund every year to fund a significant portion of our budget,” McDade says, “of course we’re hoping the people can be generous enough this year to give us more money so we can keep the lights on and the doors open and the heat on.”If the financial troubles continue here that could mean the loss of some very valuable resources. “The library is just an important part of so many peoples lives, so many people come here, we get 300 subscriptions to magazines, we know some people come here everyday to read the newspaper, we know that when people have lost their jobs, that even to apply for a job you have to have a computer and if they’ve lost their internet connection they come and use the library computers, and just recreation, reading is great recreation.”