Made By Survivors 

It’s a subject no one likes to think about. Human trafficking is happening all over the world, including right here in the U.S.A woman from Winterport is doing her part to stop it, by selling products made by those who’ve survived it.Joy Hollowell tells us more.============”There’s 27 million people who are slaves in the world today. There’s about 200,000 people living in the United States right now who are in some form of slavery, either prostitution or labor, and it can be in hotels, healthcare facilities, restaurants, big cities, and it’s here too. Just recently, I hooked up with a family of survivors right here in Bangor.”Becky Mallory says she was shocked into action after learning about the horrors of human trafficking. Kids as young as four being forced into slave labor, girls barely teenagers, working the streets. The Winterport mom wanted to stop it. She hooked up with an organization called Made by Survivors.”We work with about 15 shelters in 9 countries, including the U.S.”The shelters work directly with children, women, and men who’ve been rescued from some form of human trafficking, helping them with food, clothing and housing, as well as education and job skills.Made by Survivors buys these handmade products and others like it directly from the shelters, then sells them on their website and through home parties.”And once the products are sold to people, at least 25% of the profits go right back to the survivors and then the other money goes to the shipping and buying of more products. It’s a direct route, direct help”Becky doesn’t make any profit off the sales. What she does gain is pride that one person really can make a difference.”It’s really been quite a journey, amazing journey just for me in the last six months. It transformed by life basically (laughs) just being able to help so many people that need it, and directly.”Joy Hollowell, WABI TV 5 News, Winterport.+++++++++If you’d like to purchase any of the products shown in the story, or to get more information on the Made By Survivors organization including how to be a host for a home party, you can call Becky Mallory at 745-9789 or log onto the website