Aspiring Models Head to “The Mad Hatter” 

The Mad Hatter in the Bangor Mall was the background for a photo shoot Monday.They were looking for the new face of their store.Chelsey Anderson spoke with some of the aspiring models.”My daughter heard about it on the radio and she asked if we could come in and see if there were still some available slots. So we did!””Once we got here we got to pick out a dress, and then we had our makeup done, and then we got our hair done.”First stop: clothing.”My Mom was picking out all the colored dresses, but I really wanted this white one.””It just popped out.””Well I got to go try them on and say which ones I liked best.”Once the outfit was set, it was time for hair and makeup.”It’s nice to make them feel pretty.””Do you want to see it.” “Thank you.” “Your welcome.””They’ve all come out so beautiful.””I feel really good.”Now it was time for the photo shoot.”What’s your super model face?””One, two, three. (click) Awesome!”One family had a special reason to get the pictures done.”We wanted to get them out to him so he could see his little doll.”Amanda Magoon’s husband, Staff Sergeant David Magoon, is deployed in Afghanistan with the 286th out of Bangor.”It gives him something to look forward to. He’s gonna say there’s my little princess.”Harmony Allen, the owner of The Mad Hatter, says a winner will be chosen from the photo shoot.”That winner will model for us for the next year, and also receive a $100 gift card and receive a big poster sized photo. It’s really a good opportunity for the girls.””There you go. (click) Awesome!””Oh, it was fun. It was neat to see just their different expressions. How they portray their faces and their bodies. It was neat. It was fun.””I tried my best.”And how did those pictures turn out?”They’re beautiful! The pictures came out really nice.”But more importantly.”It was fun.””I loved it.”