Celebrating Cheese Making in Maine 

It was a chance to check out cheese making in Maine as part of the third annual Open Creamery Day.The day is sponsored by the Maine Cheese Guild and is designed to showcase a variety of cheese making techniques in the state. It’s also set up to help people better understanding the process.At Storin Acres in Mariaville,they marked the day by inviting people in to see how they make goat cheese as well as get up close and personal with the animals.Lore Lipkwich, the owner of the farm, says, “I just want the public to see what goes into making cheese, it’s not a one day thing, it’s several days. It’s a lot of work to have animals. I’m not organic, I am naturally and humanely raising my animals and I just think it’s a lot of fun for people to see the animals and see how the cheese is made.”The folks at the farm have entertained up to one hundred people over the past three years.In celebration of Open Creamery Day, visitors were also given the opportunity to sample and purchase the different cheeses.