Bar Harbor Businesses Rebound From Rainy Start To Season 

For business owners here in Bar Harbor it was a painfull start to the summer season. Jared Erskine manages Acadia Bike Rental and says the first few months were tough. “Usually we kick off in June and July and it was so rainy and wet no one wanted to go outside,” says Erskine, “plus the economy was so bad, but we were affected by the rain.”The restaurants here were also hit hard says Peter Gilbert, sous chef of Stewman’s. “Oh it was very slow as you can see around here the majority of our seating is outdoor seating,” he says, “so foul weather unfortunately doesn’t make for the best seating around here.”As the sunshine came back into the picture merchants here noticed a steady rise in their business. “We definitely picked up towards the end of July and on through the month of August,” says Gilbert, “we held strong right through the month of September.” “I think people got bored of just sitting in their hotels and decided to come on out and ride anyway,” says Erskine.Now that the summer has turned to fall, the hope is the foliage will bring enough people in to make up for the slow start. Denise Martin is the Operations Manager of Oli’s Trolley and she says business is booming now. “Well September has been great it’s really pulled us out of the rainy slump we had in the spring, the weather held, the people were here, it’s just been great,” says Martin, “October has started off strong as well, the cruise ships are really coming in fast and furious as long as the weather holds out october’s going to be great.” “It does because people like to get on a bike and hit the trails in Acadia and look at the foliage,” says Erskine.Considering all the factors this season has rebounded nicely for the folks around here. “Well in perspective with the whole recession I think we did have a successful season,” says Gilbert, “you know we are very fortunate to get the business we have had this summer.” “It will be a little bit slower but not the worst we’ve ever had we were a little bit nervous in June and July we went and bought raincoats then the sun came out.”