Tinkering with Toys at Maine Discovery Museum 

Toys have fascinated children for centuries. Now’s they have a chance to find out what makes them tick – and click, and dance and roll. A new traveling exhibit opened today at the Maine Discovery Museum in downtown Bangor. It’s called Toys – the Inside Story. Here, the inner workings of all kinds of toys are on display – from cranks and gears to pulleys and circuits. Executive Director Andrea Stark says in a day of computers and electronics, it’s hard for kids to get excited about how toys work. So the exhibit features a lot of classics – like Simon, Operation and Jack in the Box.And it allows kids see them from the inside out, with tearing up their own toys.”Or if you’ve ever really wanted to do it, this gives you permission to see what’s inside. But its not only seeing what’s inside, it’s also getting to manipulate and there’s a big gear table and a big pulley table, so visitors get to try to put together their own combinations to see how they move.”The display also looks at modern day toys, like hokey pokey Elmo and toys that transcend all ages, such as the etch-a-sketch. Visitors will have a chance to tinker at the toy exhibit from now until January 3rd.