Pittsfield Community Theater Getting New Seats 

The Pittsfield Community Theater is on its way to getting brand new seats.Thanks to a fundraiser that involved local artists.Meghan Hayward has the story.The fundraiser was called “Chairs for Chairs.”And it did just that.” With the $2,000 we should be able to purchase about seven chairs. The whole theater will be renovated.”Back in July 18 adirondack chairs that were all donated were painted by local folks and displayed throughout Pittsfield.And then auctioned off by the Town Council.Nicole Steeves is on the Pittsfield Community Theater Fundraising Committee.She is happy with the success of the fundraiser.” Hopefully this was a good way to get the whole community involved and more knowledgeable that we are fundraising.”And with over 250 seats in the theater.Steeves says they have plenty of fundraising left to do.” The theater serves a lot of people so we want people of all ages to help out with the fundraising.”The building dates back to 1915.Steeves says while the upgrades are necessary they also want the theater’s history to remain intact.” Hopefully everything allows the theater to look nostalgic and old and a part of the Pittsfield community. However, it would be nice to come to the theater and sit in comfort.”Hazel Mitchell was one of the artists.” I think it is good to give something back to the community and to bring the artists together. It was just a nice thing to do.”Steeves says not only was the fundraiser successful financially.It was also a hit with residents of Pittsfield.” All these people that did this have regular jobs and so it was fun to hear throughout the community who was doing what chair and just to see the finished project was exciting as well.”