Boy from Corinth Tags a 410 Pound Bear 

A 13-year-old boy from Corinth has a pretty big prize show off for some time in the woods.Charles Berry the Third got his fourth bear in his hunting career today.But this one outweighs the others by quite a bit, weighing in at 410 pounds.He and his father, Charles Berry Junior were out in Township 28, which is near Aurora, when they saw the bear.They had set up bait out that way and also had dogs along with them.Even though this isn’t his first bear, Charlie says it’s still scary when you come up on such a big animal.” Well I felt kind of nervous because the bear was in the hole not very far from me.”” He did awesome. I told him to shoot between the eyes and there’s a hole right there between his eyes. He couldn’t have done any better.”Charlie says he’s not a big fan of bear meat.But he will definitely be mounting the bear.