Bangor Remembers the Brady Gang Shootout 

Downtown Bangor turned back time to one of the most notable days in the city’s history – the Brady Gang shootout. For a few hours Saturday, West Market Square transformed into the Carmel Auto Rest Park.That was the last place Al Brady and his gang stayed before he and another man were shot and killed on Central Street, 72 years ago. The auto park closed in the 1950’s.It was the second of three days of activities billed as Bangor Beats the Brady Gang.Brady-era re-enactors walked the streets, posing for pictures, while moonshiners took over the fountain.The Skyline Dance Orchestra also played jazz and swing-time music for the crowd.Mayor Gerry Palmer says it’s important to remember Al Brady’s place in Bangor’s history. “While we’re not wild about having shoot outs in our downtown, this was during the height of the depression. There were a lot of things that were happening, there were many people. this touched a nerve.”Sunday afternoon, a vintage auto parade will wind through the streets of downtown. It starts at 2 o’clock and runs along Water Street, Main Street and then against the normal traffic flow on Central Street, since in 1937, Central Street was a two-way road. The weekend’s activities are also part of the celebration marking the 175th birthday of Bangor.