Habitat Celebrates Sukkot 

A local congregation is celebrating a jewish holiday by teaming up with Habitat for Humanity.They’re putting their building skills to work.Volunteers for Habitat for Humanity were putting the power tools to work in Bangor.But they weren’t building your average house. “Doing a project with Habitat for Humanity and they’re building what is called a can house, which is one of their fundraising projects and we’re very excited to do this joint project with them.”The can house will be used to collect cans and plastic bottles.All the proceeds will be used to help build homes for low-income families in the Bangor area.The project coincides with the celebration of the jewish holiday called Sukkot.During the week-long celebration, a Sukkah is built, which is a temporary dwelling that is flimsy and represents the fragility of life.Rabbi Darah Lerner, of congregation Beth El, says they’re happy to help Habitat for Humanity. “The importance of getting out the message of housing instability and the good work the habitats are doing to help people.”Valerie Marsh of Habitat for Humanity says the collaboration means a lot to them. “I was thrilled that Rabbi Lerner and the congregation Beth El were willing to reach out to us. This is really amazing thing to have an inner faith project. I’m very proud.”Volunteer Theresa Kopelan was happy to lend a hand. “It makes me feel good to know I can help because a lot of people my age don’t help with stuff like this but to know I can is good.”Theresa recruited her friend molly horne to help build the can house. “I think it’s really important because you get to know your community and see the different aspects of it.”Marsh says she doesn’t expect the can house to raise a lot of money this year.But she hopes to make it a successful fundraiser down the road.