Cherryfield Receives Big Gift to Help Cover Hefty State Fine 

The town of Cherryfield is getting a big gift to help cover a hefty state fine.The Boston Foundation sent a check for $200,000 from an anonymous donor.The grant is to help pay for the school penalty they received from choosing not to consolidate.The large sum of money will pay for half of the penalty fee.Cherryfield Selectman Richard Fickett says the $400,000 penalty was going to be split over two years and taxpayers were going to see a 21 percent increase both years.But now Fickett says they have the money to put towards next year.” It’s very important not only financially. I guess it’s saying the town benefited from taking a stand on what we did and the town really stood behind this in a big way.”Cherryfield Elementary is part of SAD 37, which did choose to close Columbia Falls Elementary School, a plan that was also endorsed by voters in that town.