A Food Pantry in Whiting is in Need of Donations 

A food pantry in Whiting isn’t getting the number of donations they once received.As Meghan Hayward tells us, with the holiday season quickly approaching, they’re worried they won’t have enough food for everyone.The Whiting Food Pantry is available to help folks 24/7. But now it needs some help of its own. “You’re talking Thanksgiving, you’re talking Christmas is coming and we have always had enough turkeys and stuff to give people. But this year, the way it looks, we’re not going to, and we have tried.”William Sawtelle has run the food pantry for 5 years. He says it’s a necessity for the area.”These are working poor, these are people that are working that need this.”Sawtelle says last October, the food pantry had about 400 registered families. They now have close to 600.But as the number of families grows, the donations are decreasing.”The last 4 months, donations have dropped off tremendously. People just don’t have it.”Sawtelle says they will make the best of what they have.”We will do something for them. We have to. Now that’s positive thinking.”Sawtelle just recently underwent an operation for cancer, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. But he remains optimistic and passionate about the food pantry.”I’m here because I care. I’m here because the people depend on me. Believe it or not, they all love me, and I love them.”If folks need any more convincing, Sawtelle has one message.”Would you send your kids to bed at night without any food? Not if you could help it. I don’t want to send any of these people to bed at night without food, not if I can help it.”Anyone interested in donating money can make the checks payable to Whiting Community Food Pantry.Checks can be sent to 340 US RTE. 1, Dennysville 04628And food donations can be dropped of at the Whiting Town Office which is located at 169 US RTE. 1.