Halloween Costume Shopping That’s a Treat for the Budget 

The hunt for a great Halloween costume can be a bit scary when you’re on a budget.But here’s a shopping trip that can calm those fears.From wicked witches to devilish doctors, workers at the Goodwill store in Bangor can create Halloween costumes that are fun and frugal in a matter of minutes. Assistant Manager Pamela Bell says it’s no trick. Shopping for a Halloween costume here can be a real treat for your wallet.”Some of the costumes you’ll see that we’ve put together can be as little as $10 for the complete outfit. Where you’re looking at $20 to $25 or more if you go to a retails store and try to buy a costume there.”Bell says stores like this offer a wide variety of second hand clothes, vintage wear and even some new outfits.You’ll also find ways to dress up your home or your pet. And all of the money made in the store goes to back into the community.”Goodwill is a non-profit and all of our profits and proceeds go towards helping people with barriers and disabilities.”Bell says the stock is plentiful now, but customers who wait too long to pick out a costume could be in for a frightful search. “As we get closer to Halloween, we get busier and busier. And we have a lot more foot traffic and this is basically our Christmas season. Now’s the time to get in and get that costume now.”