Childhood Poverty Focus at Bangor Library 

46,000 children in Maine live in poverty.Nearly 20,000 do not have health insurance.State and local officials, along with parents, turned out in Bangor as mayor Gerry Palmer declared Wednesday “step up for kids day”In a ceremony at the Bangor Public Library a group of kids were treated to a variety of activities including sing-alongs and finger painting.The purpose of the day, besides having some fun, was to raise awareness of childhood poverty, and stress the importance of early childhood education. “The goal is to educate people to the fact that we’re in this together, that as a community if we can keep our children healthy, happy, and provide them with the foundation they need, then we end up with a better society and a better community,” Said Maine state Representative Rob Eaton, who made an appearance on Wednesday.More than 100 kids showed up on Wednesday, leaving local childcare centers, schools, and area programs to take part.The event is sponsored by the Every Child Matters education fund.