Bangor Plays Perfect Soccer 

The Bangor high boys soccer team is perfect this year: ten wins with zero losses.And there’s another zero they’re contending with, one that some might consider unnerving.The other column with a zero is goals allowed. Ten wins and 10 shutouts. And, just last week, they added another team goal.”The team decided that it was gonna be to not be scored on, so that brought it out in the open. Any jinx is definitely on me now.”A goalie will tell you, you have to get a little lucky too. For Bud Angst, the shutout streak is always in the back of his mind.”I don’t want to lie, but I try not to cause eventually odds are we will get scored on and we don’t want that to effect us or me once it happens, all we care about is the win.””I’m trying as hard as I can along with the rest of the defense not to get scored on but we have a feeling that it might happen because it would be ridiculous not to get scored on but that’s our ultimate goal.”The Rams have scored 44 goals. They have 4 regular season games left, and then they hope to have four playoff games. And they’re not looking forward to that first goal allowed.