Keith’s Korner: Baton Twirling 

Need something for your kid to do to get through the winter months? How about six weeks of baton twirling?The course is being offered by the Park and Rec Departments of Bangor and Augusta.”As soon as you catch it ….do a neck wrap… from the neck wrap to the allusions to the ice cream scoop, the terminology is the only thing easy about this sport.””Oh it definitely is a sport, it’s a combination of dance gymnastics coordination…I have broken more bones twirling than I have playing soccer, I played varsity soccer in high school. Never was I more hurt than in twirling, it takes a lot of dedication practice and self motivation.”And it’s the goal of Andrea Fletcher, the coach of the Central Maine Twirling Core to get you involved.”Start very very young 4, 5, 6-years-old, and right up through and it takes a lot of dedication and practice.The Twirling Core is backed by the Bangor and Augusta Rec Departments, and the Mainiacs are the travel component of this program.”Well the competitions are so much fun you make so many friends and you get to travel everywhere…and show off the sport to everyone..””Get to travel last year we were in the national cherry blossom festival parade in Florida… and those are the kids that we travel around with and they eventually put in a lot of practice time and they are very dedicated to the sport.”A lot of people think it’s easy just like twirling a stick around but it’s not.And you have to perform, which can be hard…if you think your child is interested contact the Bangor or Augusta Parks and Rec Departments.